April 2014 COMPOSITES CONNECTION Newsletter Available

The April 2014 COMPOSITES CONNECTION newsletter from the SPE Composites Division is now available at two levels of resolution on the Composites Division’s website.


Composites Division Awarded “Pinnacle Gold” Status by SPE HQ

SPE Pinnacle

Composites Division Awarded “Pinnacle Gold” Status by SPE HQ

The Society of Plastics Engineers awarded the Composites Division with “Pinnacle Gold” status again in 2013.  The Pinnacle program was established in 2005 to recognize Sections and Divisions that successfully create and deliver member value during year. Sections and Divisions are reviewed in four categories:
  • Organization – Maintaining compliance with Section/Division organizational guidelines & policies.
  • Technical Programming – Providing quality technical programming to members.
  • Membership – Developing and implementing plans that result in annual membership growth.
  • Communication – Communicating effectively with members about SPE offerings and events to foster a sense of community and allow members to respond.

Two levels or achievement are possible:

  • Pinnacle – Silver is awarded to Sections and Divisions who demonstrate required activities in all four categories.
  • Pinnacle – Gold is awarded to Sections and Division who, in addition to meeting Pinnacle – Silver criteria, demonstrate superior performance in the Gold achievement categories.

Sections and Divisions that meet specified criteria receive an award at ANTEC® each spring.

Composites Division Achieves “Communications Leader” Level in SPE

SPE Communication Excellence

Composites Division Achieves “Communications Leader” Level in SPE

The Composites Division again achieved the level of “Communications Leader” in 2013 through the SPE Communications Excellence award program.  Established in 2009, this program is designed to recognize Sections, Divisions, and Special Interest Groups that carry out highly effective communications within their groups and, optionally, with other parts of the Society during the course of one SPE year.   The Communications Excellence Award covers the broad scope and complexity of communications in today’s information age.  It is intended to recognize all types and forms of communications as opposed to being focused on one medium or method of communication and information delivery.  It is not a competitive award. Rather, it is based on meeting or exceeding certain performance standards and accomplishment thresholds.

Three levels of awards are available with varying thresholds that must be met for achievement. These levels allow groups of all sizes and budgets to be eligible for recognition.

Communications Leader
This is the most prestigious level of the award. It recognizes a full range of achievements in communications excellence.

Notable Achiever
This level recognizes outstanding work in one or two particular areas.

Special Recognition
The level recognizes any achievement or differentiated performance at the discretion of the review committee.

SPE Groups that meet specified criteria receive an award at ANTEC® each spring.