Invista Engineering Polymers Sponsors Record-Size 2013 SPE ACCE Poster Competition

Invista Engineering Polymers Sponsors Record-Size 2013 SPE ACCE Poster Competition

The organizing committee for the SPE Automotive Composite Conference & Exhibition (ACCE) today announced the sponsor of and accepted participants in the event’s annual SPE ACCE Graduate Poster Competition.  Since 2008, the SPE ACCE has hosted a student poster competition, showcasing emerging composites technologies for automotive and ground-transportation applications.  This year’s contest is the largest in the conference’s history with 30 graduate students (nearly double last year’s 16) representing 18 universities in the U.S., Canada, and the Republic of Korea (nearly double the 10 schools participating in last year’s competition).

Students of winning posters judged to be in the Top 3 of the show will receive plaques at a formal recognition ceremony during lunch on the second day of the conference, and all students will receive monetary prizes to help defray travel expenses, courtesy of competition sponsor, INVISTA Engineering Polymers.


#2013SPEACCE Scholarship Winners Announced



The organizing committee for the SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE) today announced winners of the group’s annual SPE ACCE Scholarship Awards for the 2013-2014 academic year. Winning students whose composites-intensive projects were judged to have the greatest potential impact on ground transportation were Thomas Keith (Keith) Honaker-Schroeder of Michigan State University, Nicholas (Nick) Smith of Purdue University, and Sarah Stair of Baylor University. Each student will receive a total scholarship of $2,000 USD ― sponsored by Michigan Economic Development Corp.(MEDC, Lansing, Mich.) ―and will return to present the results of his or her research at next year’s SPE ACCE show, September 8-11, 2014.

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SPE Thermoset Division Issues Call for Papers

SPE Thermoset Division Issues Call for Papers

The Newtown, Conn.-based Society of Plastics Engineers is seeking speakers/presentations for its upcoming Topical Conference (TOPCON) to be held at the Loews Ventana Canyon hotel in Tucson, Ariz, Feb. 24-26, 2014.

The Society of Plastics Engineers’ Thermoset Division (Newtown, Conn.) is issuing a call for papers for its upcoming Topical Conference (TOPCON), which will take place at the Loews Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Ariz., Feb. 24-26, 2014.

Topics of interest for this event will include thermoset material developments for, and applied use in, the energy sector. Specifically land/sea-based oil and gas recovery and transport, mining, solar, wind, hydro, battery, fuel cell, EV/HEV, etc. Other topics related to the raw materials, manufacturing, processing, enhancement and novel use of thermoset technologies are welcome.

Please provide abstract submissions to Shelane Nunnery by Oct. 15, for review, approval and scheduling. No formal paper is required for this conference. Illustrative slide deck is highly recommended, however.

For more information, contact Shelane Nunnery, Tel.: (630) 247-6733; E-mail: