Happy Memorial Day


Wikipedia says, “Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.”

And we couldn’t agree more. We give our thanks to all those who paid the ultimate price while protecting our freedom and liberty.


Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the SPE Composites Division Blog. This is our first post!

You may be asking yourself a number of questions including:

Who is the SPE Composites Division? We are a specialized division of SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers) focusing on polymer composites. We are dedicated to the advancement and promotion of composite materials and the advantages that high-performance, energy efficient composites structures can bring to many industries. Check out our division website here.

Who is running this blog anyways? The blog is managed by The Composites Division Board of Directors. The BOD is a group of composite professionals with varied backgrounds and expertise. We are dedicated to disseminating information on the science, engineering fundamentals and applications of engineered polymer composites. Find out more about us here.

And finally, why should I read your blog? We are excited to start this blog in order to provide a direct line of communication between us and our readers. We plan on providing a wide range of content. Our content will include technical information, commentary on composite and engineering trends, exciting happenings in the world of composites and engineering, current events in SPE, or whatever else is on our minds. We will strive to provide relevant content that ranges from serious to light-hearted on a fairly regular basis.

We encourage readers to comment and participate in our discussions. We will do our best to answer and respond to all questions and comments. If you have any questions, please ask. Happy Blogging!